Lucienne / La16 transparent polycarbonate chairs

The Lucienne and La16 transparent chairs, with their evanescence and visual lightness, can be easily accommodated in any type ofenvironment; durable and resistant, they also coexist with minimalistic structures, leaving space to breath. Both models aremonocoque and stackable, ideal for indoor and outdoor settings. Awide range of translucent colours and cushions allow countlesscombinations.

Full-color polycarbonate chairs Lucienne / La16

TheLucienne and La16 opaque coloured polycarbonate chairs give anextremely elegant look thanks to their mirror-polished surface. Thesolid-coloured material is highly resistant to stress, scratches andabrasions. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, Lucienne isavailable in White, Flame Red, Taupe and Silver Grey, while La16 isavailable in White and Black.

Transparent chairs / polycarbonate with Lucienne cushion

TheLucienne chairs, thanks to the wide chromatic variety of theircushions, can be easily accommodated in any living environment orcontract. Fixed firmly to the seat, Lucienne cushions are producedwith a birch base, with non-deformable rubber padding and with aTrevira or Nabuk eco-leather fabric cover. 

Lucienne Conference Chairs

The only monocoque polycarbonate linking chair on the market, Lucienne can be connected by means of a special union hook, creating rows of up to 10 chairs. The reference test involves moving the row and holding the union hooks, in both cases Lucienne was suitable, successfully passing the test.

Mahi Mahi Kitchen Stools - H 66 cm

Cosyand extremely stable, the Mahi Mahi transparent stool expresses amarked harmony in shapes. Eclectic par excellence, Mahi Mahi issuitable for both kitchen counter tops and bar counters. Awell-proportioned design gives this unique polycarbonate fusion aspecial charm.

Mahi Mahi Bar - H 66 cm

The new Mahi Mahi polycarbonate stools are immediately recognisable by their unique design and unmistakable silhouette. The enveloping shape of the seat and the four legs joined together in a unique fusion at the footrest provide comfort and stability. The Mahi Mahi stool is available in the height of 66 cm for the kitchen and 76 cm for bars in the transparent, translucent or opaque coloured versions.

Transparent polycarbonate tables, birch top - OMETTO

A range of tables with transparent base and laminated birch plywood top. OMETTO is a design object with extremely versatile net lines, a polycarbonate sculpture that will make your environment unique.