"... could you think of being happier elsewhere?" This is the saying of "San Lorenzo Ricevimenti Resort" of Cerignola (FG), which has recently furnished an outdoor area of its ancient residence with our transparent Lucienne chairs, in perfect armony with the magnificent surrounding background.
Date 13/05/2019, 10:36
The outside and inside of this fascinating building have been furnished with our Lucienne chairs in the crystal version. "Even the blue sea of the Gulf of Naples has chosen Lucienne."
Date 13/05/2019, 10:27
The prestigious Sala della Madre Perla located inside the Custody of the Holy Land was recently set up with our transparent chairs mod. Luciene neutral.
Date 13/05/2019, 10:18
The new Lucienne polycarbonate chair is now available, in a glossy dove-gray color, particularly appreciated and easily placed in any living environment.
Date 13/05/2019, 10:11
In collaboration with: Group "Knowledge" - Danza Sì, S. Giovanni Lupatoto (VR) "ARCADIA" - Choreography Paola Manghisi Photographs by Luca Sacchetto Photographer
Date 13/05/2019, 09:53
We have ultimated the procedure for the Uni certifications with the appointed authorities, in accordance with the latest European rules regarding security terms. Test UNI - EN 1728:2012 Stability EN 1022:2005 Load / Seat Resistance - Back Seat + Front and Side Legs Executed accordin...
Date 13/05/2019, 09:48
Imminent launch of the new chair in transparent or coloured polycarbonate named Lucienne, designed by Bellelli, made in Italy. Brand and model have been regularly deposited, expected availability for the December 8. You can pre-order on our website: www.bellelliufficio.it www.transparentcha...
Date 13/05/2019, 09:44
Cantina Di Ruscio has been known for more than fifty years in the new Province of Fermo for the production and marketing of local wines. It chose Lucienne to furnish the new commercial area, a modern and lively ambience.
Date 13/05/2019, 09:35
Nestled in the beautiful Parco del Mincio, Tesoro Living Resort offers the halls of its restaurant as a unique location for the first shots of LA16, surprising new chair designed by Bellelli.
Date 11/05/2019, 10:17
The strength, thr lightness, the design of our transparent chairs Lucienne in polycarbonate will distinguish from now on the cosy halls of the first class Roero Park Hotel, a short walk from Alba, the italian capital of truffle.
Date 11/05/2019, 09:56
Here is Villa Cagnola (VA), a location rich in history, that will intrigue and fascinate.
Date 11/05/2019, 09:43
The cellar of the farm Roncus, Capriva del Friuli (Go), provides a new stage to Lucienne, a harmonious blend of rustic and hypermodern.
Date 11/05/2019, 09:37
An ancient pasta factory, modernized at Hotel ****, in the heart of the historic town centerof Campagna (SA), met the the design of Lucienne.
Date 11/05/2019, 09:27
The most famous "ESPRIT DE FRANCE" hotel chain has chosen for its first class hotel "Orsay" in Paris, the transparent neutral version of Lucienne. A perfect mixture of style and design, excellently combining with a modern and charming atmosphere.
Date 11/05/2019, 09:21
Inserted in the halls 4/5 (Expo & Event Marketing), the Bellelli Design stand has had a notable participation, arousing the interest of the public present. The visual impact and the particular accessibility have been confirmed the strengths of our products, projecting the Bellelli design to a lev...
Date 11/05/2019, 09:13
Some of the stands present at the only world event in the diamond sector were set up with transparent chairs mod. Lucienne, absolutely in line with the image of precious gems.
Date 11/05/2019, 09:8
The White Stone House, set in the heart of Salento, has chosen our seating to furnish the interior spaces. A place with the ancient flavors, but with all the modern comforts, perfectly in line with La16 style design.
Date 11/05/2019, 09:2
One of the strengths of our Lucienne chair is the possibility of being equipped with a cushion, designed on the seat shapes and handmade in Italy. The cushion, in addition to offering an additional aesthetic value, protects the seat from any accidents that could compromise its integrity. Metal studs...
Date 11/05/2019, 08:50
To realize our products we chose the transparent polycarbonate, a resistant material and incredibly versatile, which offers the ability to create objects of complex shapes while maintaining a heightened visual lightness. Lucienne and LA16 models, durable and strong, aesthetically innovative coexi...
Date 10/05/2019, 18:25
"I was looking for sturdy, elegant, and above all design chairs ... a solution that could be well adapted both to the living room and to a living room in the presence of more guests ... Incredibly here I was spoiled for choice and to the very competitive prices compared to international brands. I am...
Date 10/05/2019, 18:21
A reinterpretation in hypermodern key of the 1930s chairs, born from the first industrial processes of bending and shaping of wood. La Lucienne maintains the classic and reassuring design of a seat from another era, presenting itself in the modern market as an innovative and seductive product. Thank...
Date 10/05/2019, 18:12
Pula, close to the picturesque beaches of southern Sardinia, the Forte Village Resort is one of the top 5 resorts in the entire Mediterranean. Our transparent chairs with La16 armrests have been chosen to set up new outdoor spaces.
Date 10/05/2019, 17:55
Hatfield Place is an exquisite country house situated in fifteen hectares of undulating rural park adjacent to the river Ter.
Date 10/05/2019, 17:43
Lucienne was chosen by the municipality of Quaragnento which, on the occasion of the restoration and restoration work of the Church of the Holy Trinity, organized the inaugural string concert of the quartet Emèra. In the picture a detail of the Church during the rehearsals. Evanescent and crystallin...
Date 06/11/2017, 16:2
Adelsdorf - private house in the land of Bavaria The combination of hypermodern materials and rustic environments is once again a winning combination. La Lucienne, chosen by the client in the Fumè version, is particularly in harmony with the living environment.
Date 06/11/2017, 15:56