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A comfortable chair in transparent polycarbonate, the quintessentially design of the 50's revisited to exite and captivate.

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A comfortable chair in transparent polycarbonate, the quintessentially design of the 50's revisited to exite and captivate. Version enriched by a fixed pillow covered with Trevira fabric composed by:

- A 6 mm rigid base in birch wood, which includes metal threaded rivets

- A sheet of indeformable rubber of 2,8 cm

- Covering of Trevira fabric available in 9 different coulors

- 4 metal screws + 4 rubber washers

The chair is supplied with 4 holes in order to fix the pillow to the seat.

For the fixing use the 4 proper screws supplied.

Despite its evanescent and crystalline appearance, Lucienne is stable and durable, shock and weather resistant.It can be stacked 8 high and also moved on a pallet stacked 40 high.

Lucienne has been conceived by one single mould with polycarbonate injection, combining wonderfully the rounded seat shape with the wide wrapping back seat, the innovating back legs profile gives the chair strength and elegance.

The article has great charm and considerable visual appeal and brings a touch of elegance to any style of home or public area.

By using a first quality material jointed with the highest technology in the world (made in Italy) of polycarbonate injection, has been possible to warrant the high quality level and the long lasting resistance of the chair Lucienne.
For this reason we have ultimated the procedure for the Uni certifications with the appointed authorities, in accordance with the latest European rules regarding security terms.

LUCIENNE® design and trade mark registered



Test UNI - EN 1728:2012

Height Back - 33,61 inch

Stability EN 1022:2005

Seat Height - 17,95 inch

Load / Seat Resistance - Back Seat

Width - 19,45 inch

+ Front and Side Legs

Seat Width 15,20 inch

Executed according to table 1 - EN 16139:2013 -

Depth - 19,29 inch

Level L1 for Collective use

Weight - 11,24 lbs

Maximum Load - 352 lbs


Specifications Trevira fabric: 

Classic canvas with a high abrasion resistance. Probably one of the first fabrics in Trevira CS born in 1979, it’s very well known for its characteristics of natural aspect and it has passed almost all the tests against fire for upholstery, office and contract area. 

TREVI STYLE THE RENEWED TRADITION: TREVI born again with a new article with a complete color card dedicated to the new modern and future spaces, with a range of colors suitable to every situation. The main properties of hand and resistance, which made the article TREVI appreciated for decades, have now a new spirit, which leads the product in the future. The natural hand and aspect of this yarn, realize an unique fabric.


Composition           100% Polyester FR (Tr Cs)

Weight                   gr./mtl. 630 ± 5%

Abrasion                (Martindale) UNI EN ISO 12947:2000 value 100.000 turns ± 20%

Pilling                    (Marindale) ISO 12945-2 value 3 ± 1

Light resistance       (Xenotest) UNI EN ISO 105 B02 value 5 ± 1

Fire proof

                   Italia - Classe 1

Germania - B1 DIN 4102

Francia - M1

Svizzera - Fire Protection Classification: 5.2

BS 5852 Crib 5 using a CM Foam 35 kg/cu.m

EN 1021 Part.1-2 using a CM Foam 35 kg/cu.m

USA Calif. Bull. 117 June 2013

EN 13501 - 1esp.1,2 : B-s1 , d0

EN 13773 Burning Behaviour: class 1

IMO 688 (17) - Bedding Components 
IMO 563 (14) - Draperies, Curtains

IMO RES.A. 652 (16) FTP Code MSC 61 (67) Annex 1 Part 8 - Flame Retardant, polyurethane flexible foam, nominal density 35Kg/cu.m. in class 1 IM according to UNI 9175 supplied by Laboratory.

FAR.25853 Classification: Yes


Mianutenance          Use the vacuum-cleaner with smooth spout regularly, don't brush.


Attention! The chair must be cleaned with water and neutral soap only.


In this case the product warranty will be considered of no use.

Buy pallet 18 chairs ( £32.38 i.e. each )

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